Thursday, 10 May 2012


Obviously that Malays are often despised and condemned by the call "BABI". The Chinese, Especially those participating in the gathering of so-called BERSIH 3.0 as the "Peace rally" clearly made ​​an attempt to create antagonisms between among people in this country and this is one of their evil ways.

If indeed they are not calling the Malays as "BABI", JejariKami recommend to you all to look carefully the content and messages that have been specified by the parties on the time issue an opinion.

It is very clear in the first verse:
"Please do not call Malays "BABI" anymore."

The above verse shows that during the time they were calling the Malays with that kind of "title". Is this what they want pursued? Is this thing still can not be seen by them, particularly by the supporters of the PAKATAN and BERSIH 3.0 to blindly follow assembly was intercalated with certain AGENDA? Do not they realize that their actions only to gain their own interests in the political purposes and to hold their position / authority?

Wake up ..

They only want to exploit as many people as possible to their own interests. It would be natural for Pakatan to be the person who has the nature of "SELFISH".

"Habis madu, Sepah dibuang", such like Malay-speaking is synonymous with the situation faced by the hardcore supporters of the PAKATAN 'blinded' with promises of PAKATAN, which is they are really good at playing words. They are none besides a sweet talker.


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