Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Group of robbers abandons ATM heist at petrol station

A group of robbers drove a tow truck through the glass panel of a petrol station and tried to steal an automated teller machine (ATM) before abandoning their attempt.

The incident happened at 5.30am yesterday near Persiaran Indahpura Utama in Bandar Putra, here. The masked men came in two four-wheel-drive vehicles and a tow truck and stopped in front of the station, which was closed at the time.

They then approached a 64-year-old guard and tied him up after threatening him with a parang and a knife.

One of the robbers then rammed the tow truck into the station, shattering the glass panel of the convenience store inside.

They got out to take one of the ATMs, but as they were pulling it, one of the robbers shouted that a motorcycle was passing by and all of them drove off without taking the ATM with them.

The guard, who refused to be identified, said the alarm did not go off when the glass panel was shattered.

The petrol station manager, however, said the CCTV and alarm system were working well.

“But, somehow they stopped functioning during the incident and the cameras failed to capture images of the robbery,” he added.

“They abandoned the ATM and only managed to grab RM700 worth of telephone prepaid cards,” Kulaijaya OCPD Supt Zulkefly Yahya said.

Supt Zulkefly added that the tow truck was recovered with burnt marks on it along Jalan Seelong-Kota Tinggi.

He advised witnesses to call the police hotline at 07-221 2999 or go to the nearest police station.

On Aug 10, five suspects dragged an ATM out of a bank branch using a four-wheel-drive vehicle in Kulaijaya.

In that incident, they managed to load it onto a white MPV and escape.


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