Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#PrayForMH370 - Netizens post messages of hope

 Netizens from around the world have come together with one heart and one mind to pray for the safety of the passengers and crew of the missing MH370 craft and encourage their families to stay strong and wait for good tidings of their loved ones.

There are people sharing information, news articles and stories of affected family members in a global show of solidarity.

Others are sharing uplifting photos and messages of hope.

A photograph that went viral was a sand sculpture by Indian artist Sudarshan Patnaik: a large MAS airplane and faces of passengers made of sand, with the words crafted from blue and red sand, “Pray God – Miracles Do Happen”.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin shared a photo on his Facebook account that drew several thousand “likes” – a drawing of a plane with multi-coloured hands reaching up and the caption, “Please come back”.

He encouraged people to never lose hope.

On Twitter, user @xxxJiDa tweeted “Dear MH370, Where are you? We are waiting for you. Please come back safely,” while @dyanasmd said, “I refuse to be sad coz I rather believe you will come back safe. Come home soon. Can’t wait to hear your stories.”

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also tweeted, saying “In our time of need, friendship has come in many forms. We will continue our efforts to search for #MH370.”

On Twitter, the hashtags #MH370 and #PrayForMH370 were created to get updates on the plane. They were also used on Facebook and Instagram.

According to hashtags.org – a tool for measuring a hashtag’s popularity - #prayForMH370 had up to 75,000 tweets an hour.

#MH370 had up to 80,000 hourly. A Twitter account was also set up to collect and share information on Flight MH370.

@Dia_Butterfly, who changed her username to “Pray For MH370”, said “Never lose hope. I know you are still out there waiting for our rescue.”

@NDlalala said, “Please come back MH370. We are all waiting for you.”

@__edlnx said: “If it’s missing, return them. If it’s hijacked, let them be safe. If it’s underwater, let them float.”

On Facebook, Malaysians encouraged others not to speculate and wait for the facts.

Ahmad Nizam Radzi wrote, “Thank you MAS and to the other countries. Just ignore some of the insensitive statements from unappreciative people who think they know everything,” on the Malaysian Airlines Facebook page, while a Vietnamese national said his country was trying its best to locate the plane.

“It is the duty of my country,” posted La Hy.

Several Malaysians responded to his comment, thanking him for his support.

Rosnan Fihrin Md Adnan said: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, our Vietnamese friends!”



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