Monday, 18 February 2013

Search for student who fell off motorbike into river

Search and rescue personnel are scouring Sg Kelantan for a college student who fell into the river while trying to avoid a traffic jam on Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge.

Mara Polytech College student Mohd Arif Mohd Nurdin, 20, was riding his motorcycle on an alternative route crossing the river at around 5.30pm on Saturday to avoid a traffic congestion when a car coming from behind startled him.

The alternative route is a utility bridge used by construction staff working on the second Sultan Yahya Petra Bridge nearby.

Fellow student, Mohd Amir Fadzli, 20, who was riding another motorcycle behind Mohd Arif, said he tried to get passers-by to help save his friend.

“We were on our way to Tumpat for a photography assignment when a car coming from behind us startled Mohd Arif, causing him to fall off his motorcycle into the river.

“I could not do anything to save him because it happened very quickly. All I could do was get help from others in the area but he was swept away by strong currents,” he said.



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