Thursday, 9 May 2013

#GE13: Malaysians tweet for unity and harmony

Malaysians of various races and creeds have joined the call for national unity, stating that they want harmony to prevail.

They took part in The Star Online-initiated #MyWant hashtag which sought to find out what people wanted for the country. The response was overwhelming, judging from new Tweets being uploaded every minute yesterday.

Among those who posted their wishes was @Edmunndddnie who said: “Racial issues aside please. I still wanna buy my Rojak and nasi lemak like how I used to!” while @mila8791 stressed: “There should be no difference in race. Every citizen is a Malaysian!”

Another user @nbnaturee tweeted that “reconciliation and improved race relations should be No. 1 agenda”.

A Lat cartoon of multiracial Malaysians sheltering under the national flag from storm of racist remarks is going viral on Facebook, which may have inspired @Irfantastico to tweet: “Malaysians unite under Jalur Gemilang. Respect each other and live happily together.”

Also calling for a united Malaysia was @alexanderkhoo who tweeted: “An undivided Malaysia where everyone can have cheap roti canai, nasi lemak and char kuey tiao.”

User @julierusly called for Malaysia to remain as a peaceful country and to “say no to racism as I am a Malaysian”.

@norhamie pleaded “just a peaceful country for future generations” while @carmensakura07 wants peace, unity and a better education for all.

@AndydeCzar posted: “Stop racism. Stop spreading rumours about what Chinese want and what Malays want”, adding that harmony was his main priority.

@Jun937 called for racial slandering to stop, adding: “I want my life back. Before elections I get to hang out with all my friends regardless of race” while @izzwan advocated a one school system to “learn BM, Eng, Mandarin, Tamil” saying that “Inability to understand each other = #racialparanoia.”

Many also tweeted for stability, progress, good governance, free and fair press, transparency, better transport and education system as well as for corruption to end.

Others also expressed their thoughts about the 13th general election, with some such as @milyaterms wanting elections talk to stop and for people to move on with their lives, noting that “nobody likes a bad loser”.

@RMFShahnan called for a “mature Malaysia capable of learning and accepting. Not brats who wail at d sky n throw tantrums”

One user, @dmwee wished for a Malaysia where Barisan Nasional and Pakatan leaders would “engage each other civilly to bridge the yawning political divide between them.”

Twitter user @aisyahmohd reminded all Malaysians to recall the struggles of Tunku Abdul Rahman as he led the nation towards Independence in 1957.

“Unite lah. At that time (during Tunku Abdul Rahman's time) we were all united; in agreement,” she tweeted in Bahasa Malaysia.

@chenwaimun summed it up with the Tweet: “Peace & harmony. No racism!”

Umno Youth chief and incumbent Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin lauded the idea of using the social media as a platform to call for unity and reconciliation, adding that “politicians should also embrace this”.

The general election results, he added, should not be racialised but their pattern and trend studied for the country's betterment.

DAP's Lim Kit Siang also drew reference to The Star's frontpage call for Malaysians to express their expectations of Najib's new Cabinet and stated his party's own wish.

“It must comprise leaders who support NajIb's signature 1Malaysia of putting Malaysians first above race or religion,” he said.

He also said the Cabinet must also comprise 30% women representation with all members fully committed towards zero corruption.


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