Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Filthy pau factory torn down

An illegal factory producing pau in Selayang Baru, Selayang was closed down yesterday by the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) following numerous complaints since 2007.

The filthy factory comprises two illegally extended three-storey shoplots, with the workers housed on the top floor.

Over the years, MPS has served several notices to the operators for various offences but business was carried out brazenly, with no fear about flouting the council’s bylaws.

The factory supplies pork, red bean and chicken pau to restaurants and mobile vendors in the Klang Valley.

During the operation carried out by the Enforcement, Building and Health departments, the illegal extensions were torn down and all items seized.

The place was stripped clean with the help of 100 MPS enforcement officers under the watchful eyes of the police.

The workers, mostly foreigners, were seen trying to salvage some of the ingredients but were barred from doing so.

The premises was a mess, with meat stored in dirty tubs on the floor, attracting flies.

The equipment used were also rusty, with bits of meat and red bean paste staining the walls and floor, while the drains were clogged with waste and oil.

MPS enforcement director Lt Col (Rtd) Azmi Ismail said they had served six notices since 2010 but that the operators had failed to pay the fines.

“In fact, they asked for another five-year grace period today to find a new location to move their operations to. However, we have been lenient and will not tolerate the situation any longer,” he said.

MPS health director Dr Razif Zainal Abidin said they had closed the premises for a week in 2007 under the Food Establishment bylaw as well as revoked their licence two years ago.

“The shoplots are not a conducive place for a pau factory, especially using pork.

The conditions are unhygienic, with waste water flowing directly into the drains,” he added.

Meanwhile, MPS Building Department director Azam Mohamad said they had served three notices to the operator to tear down the illegal extensions under the Road, Drainage and Building bylaw.

Azam said the last notice was served 14 days prior to the demolition exercise, with a compound for RM12,500.

When approached, neighbours declined to comment on the issue for fear of retaliation. To ensure the factory does not resume operations again, Azmi said they would continue to monitor the premises.


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