Thursday, 13 February 2014


For Chinese, Chinese New Year celebration symbolises the beginning, in fate and life. When I watched Teresa Cock’s Chinese New Year video, I thought she was only joking that Horse Year 2014 is not a good year due to price hike, insulting Malaysia’s security, calling the shooting incident in Sabah as a competition, the people in Johor are allegedly in fear due to rising crime rates and that Malaysians are stupid due to lack of quality education. I thought it is all joke, but it becomes like a “Drunken Monkey” movie.

The joke became worse when it garnered public’s response and NGO’s ire, leading to police reports. Theresa Cock became anxious thus she too, lodged a police report. Why do we need to lodge a report over a joke? Theresa need to watch P.Ramlee’s “Labu dan Labi.”

I saw them demonstrating and stamping on Teresa Cock’s photo as well as smearing cock’s blood on the image of her—it is akin to “Labu dan Labi.” I became speechless, why should Theresa Cock get angry, it is merely a joke.

Theresa Cock explained that her provocation was merely a joke. It’s the same with “Labu dan Labi.” I thought again, if it is funny, it is funny. Why  is there a need to be serious?

So, when the public and NGOs made a joke by putting men’s genital (Big Cock) on her head, smearing the cock’s blood and stamped their foot on her image, offered thousands of Ringgit for reward to those who slap her, I think it is a joke too. It is funny.

If Theresa Cock said that her CNY video is a joke, the public and NGOS’ actions are jokes too. We did not see any “Cock” on head while lodging a police report? If there was, the female police would have run!

You just like to make racist jokes. When people retaliate with their jokes, you got angry. You are really good at pretending!

Ooops, I forgot, even Terersa Cock’s name is a joke…

Maybe Teresa Cock fails to understand, even the Chinese adage said, ‘Kill a cock to scare thousand monkeys’! So, sacrificing a cock and smearing cock’s blood on her head is a joke too, why should she be scared and lodged a police report.

When Teresa Cock lodged a police report, I rationally though, is lodging a police report a world-class joke? The question is, Teresa Cock does not trust the police? Another joke! You do not trust a police but you lodged a report to them…Isn’t that a joke?

Now only Teresa Cock understands the limitations of a joke. Just like a Malay adage, you only realised after you got hit. You cannot undo your action. To say Theresa Cock is stupid, she’s smart. A Member of Parliament. Maybe she is an MP for the Chinese only. Hence why she does not understand the nationalism spirit in Malaysia.

Do not be like Salman Rushdie who insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and wife. The clerics and Imam Khomeini issued a fatwa saying Salman Rushdie must be killed for insulting Islam and Muslims. Does Theresa Cock view this as a joke as well? Salman went in hiding for years due to fear of getting killed, does hiding for years is a joke too!

What is happening in our country? Everything is a joke. Religion, national security are being made fun of, should we continue with this joke? What kind of an MP who put her self interest above the national interest?

Anyway, sorry to say, I forgot, does a Chinese woman who is approaching her 50s is considered a joke? How does she satiate her desires? No wonder her name’s Cock, and no wonder people put a Big Cock on her head! Opps don’t be mad, it is only a joke.

Do not build the house at the beachside if one fears the waves. If you are afraid of resistance, do not simply make fun of everything. 
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