Monday, 21 April 2014


They say time flies. And you just can't argue with that for a second. It has been a year since the Boston Marathon bombing, an unprecedented catastrophe that took the lives of 3 innocent people and injuring 260. This year, many seem to have forgotten the impact of incident, while some have their lifetime to remember each and every detail. Graphic pictures of the wounded will forever be available and all you need to do is to google them. As much as this writing is a dedication to the victims of the Boston Marathon, it is also a reminder to the world how a joyous, harmless event went deadly, when people least expect it.One might ask how a country as prestigious as the United States where security is as tight as one can only imagine, especially after 9/11, could afford to allow another deadly terrorist attack. Terrorism or not, the whole country and its people of various ethnicity and background joined hand in hand to mourn the lives lost and the injured. No one was seen or heard to condemn or blame anyone for that matter. This is why the country recovered so quickly after every tragic episode. The empathy and sense of togetherness as the people of a beloved country brought them together. Immediately after this bombing, security is tightened and every possible threat is treated with the strictest attention.

Now let us look at the situation in our beloved country, Malaysia. Of late this beloved country of ours is often tested with street demonstrations which started a couple of years back. Most of these demos were and are usually caused by deep rooted hatred towards the ruling government, mostly carried out without any permit from the authority. The best example would be during Bersih 3.0 protest which saw the protesters attacking public amenities and the police for nothing. Millions of Ringgit of public properties and police assets were lost, all in the name of greed and angst.    

The organizer of the event would usually use the term "Peaceful Assembly" when in reality, meetings amongst them on how to create chaotic scenes and have the authorities to blame for were carried out to deceive the protestors. More often than not, these organizers would plan on provocative antics towards the government white dogs, or in simpler term, the police to fish for public sympathy and inculcate hatred towards the government. While the people in the US come together hand in hand amidst different belief and ideology to recover from catastrophes and terrorism acts, do you think the same formula can be applied here? 

Is the rakyat ready to work together to mend the broken pieces and move on from there? Has the previous protests ended in peace? Let us not go too far but to just take the Lahad Datu invasion and lost MH370 flight as examples. Instead of nursing the affected families with care and love, some irresponsible people used these tragic incidents to fuel hatred and speculations that do not only hurt the families and friends, but to the extent of disrespecting the country. Some would entertain requests from international press to further give the country a bad name. How unpatriotic of them. 

With that being said, do you think that these street protests help to increase our country's economic growth? Is there any other country in the world that would benefit from street protests and public unrest? That is definitely doubtful. Thus, the rakyat has to be able to use your discretion to make the past events and experiences your guru. What the country needs is the rakyat to be responsible to contribute to its economic growth and stability, and not to ruin it with uncertainty and calamity.   


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