Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Don't pass costs on to consumers. #water

Consumer associations are concerned that when industries in Selangor face losses due to water shortage, the costs will be passed on to the public.

Water and Energy Consumer Asso­ciation of Malaysia secretary-general Foon Weng Lian said it was only natural for them to do this.

“We urge them not to increase prices as consumers are suffering as well.

“Industries should seek assistance from the state government or water operators instead to help cut back losses,” he said.

Many companies in the state are reportedly suffering losses due to water shortage, and the uncertainty over its water has forced some to forego proposed projects.

In February, the state government put into effect a “Phase 1” water rationing exercise that affected around one million people.

About 6.7 million consumers, who are now under “Phase 4” of the exercise scheduled to end on April 30, had been told to brace for three more months of rationing.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Muslim Consumers Association chief Datuk Nadzim Johan Johar said there was a limit as to how much losses a company could absorb.

“As and when it reaches the point where companies can no longer absorb losses, the cost will be passed down to consumers in the form of increased prices of products,” he said.

“As it is, consumers are struggling with increased cost of living,” Nad­zim said.

“We need a break too.”


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