Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sodomy II:Anwar Supporters' Outrageous Antiques Worry Foreigners & Tourists

In what was supposed to be a normal case appeal turned havoc after Anwar's supporters, dubbed as "The Fanboys" marched along the busy road leading to the Palace of Justice this morning. Traffic was heavier than normal, with buses laden with his paid supporters from all over the country, crowding the roadside. Government servants heading to work nearby had to use alternative roads to avoid the heavy congestion.

Just as everyone thought the heavy traffic was the only problem of the day,a flock of fanboys started busking and using hailers and speakers to denounce the government, coming up with issues not even related to Anwar's, from "GST" to "Royalty" to subsidies. For a while, some attempted to breach the police barricades, causing quite a commotion. 

International media, tourists and foreign observers were also present and some started questioning both Anwar and Saiful supporters about the impact of this case appeal to. Team Anwar did not say much about the sodomy itself, but rather focuses on him being the victim of a conspiracy, drawing sympathy from the world with last resort visits to Australia and the United Kingdom. Team Saiful on the other hand, wanted the case to end after being dragged for 6 years and 2 months with one postponement after another. They went on insisting that the sodomy trial is between Anwar and his former aide and has got nothing to do with the international community or even a conspiracy. Sodomy trials,although very uncommon, do exist in this country and Anwar's case is nothing different. 

Foreigners who came as tourists or observers would surely have their point of views on Sodomy II, especially after Anwar forced his team to travel all over the world to badmouth the country and the ruling government, accusing Najib of conspiracy and other unbelievable shenanigans, much to the dismay of the rakyat. Some may sympathize with either Anwar or Saiful, while others would just leave it to the judges to deliberate. Both parties, especially team Anwar did not deny that the fact that sodomy did happened. But for everything that has been submitted and rebutted, we cannot deny the fact that the trial being sensationalised by Anwar pretty much tarnished his own country worldwide, when this was supposed to be just an ordinary trial which demands justice for Saiful Bukhari.


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