Saturday, 22 June 2013

#Haze: Frustrated Malaysians take to Twitter to express their thoughts

Frustrated Malaysians took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the haze, which has hit high levels in some areas and forced a few events to be postponed.

Twitter user @fahmyvevo shared a picture of him covering his face with an orange cloth, with the message “wearing this even inside my office. #myhaze”.

Another user @akmalredzwan also posted a picture of him in a white face mask, saying he had to start wearing it everyday now.

Xola Xavier (@nanibiol), who is asthmatic, tweeted “I have to lock myself in my room. Even the living room is not safe for me.”

Other users also offered advice on taking care of oneself during the haze period.

“#myhaze drink more water, wear sunglasses and use saline eye drops to overcome eye irritation, and stay indoors as much as possible,” tweeted @Amu_Ma, while @haniisafra urged those affected to “get your blanket and stay in”.

Although many had their weekend plans disrupted, some expressed confidence that they could still have a good time.

Part-time writer Dayang Noor (@dayangnoor) said she would be spending time indoors playing Candy Crush and having a movie marathon.

Twitterers @dinodelan and @mfazlee were also up for movie sessions, jokingly tweeting that a cinema theatre was the “safest place to be until the haze is over”.


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