Thursday, 13 June 2013

Neighbours’ quick action saves toddler from abduction

Concerned neighbours and their frantic SMSes saved a toddler from being kidnapped here.

A man, on the pretext of delivering fish, had rushed into the child's home in Jalan Bakariah and tied up his mother.

He snatched the year-old boy away and demanded that the family come up with a ransom for the child's release during the 10.30am incident on Tuesday.

Neighbours, who saw the man driving away with the child, took down the car's number plate and spread it among their friends via text message on their phones.

The message, written in Chinese, spread fast and even the kidnapper, apparently, got wind of the SMSes.

He aborted his plan and abandoned the boy at a hawker centre in Yong Peng, about 55km from here.

A woman trader found the child, who has yet to learn to walk, near a toilet.

She bathed and fed him before taking the child to the Yong Peng police station at about 1pm the same day.

The child and his parents were reunited at the station at around 7pm.

Recalling the ordeal, the child's mother said the man had come to her house that morning to say he was delivering fish from her father-in-law.

“When I opened the door to the house, he rushed in and quickly tied me up.

“He then grabbed my son and told me that we have to pay a ransom for the child's release,” she said.

Muar acting police chief Supt Shahadan Jaafar said the police were searching for the abductor, adding that the case was being investigated under Section 3 of the Kidnapping Act 1961.

He urged witnesses and those with information on the incident to report to the nearest police station.


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