Friday, 28 June 2013

Port Klang: Strict rules during #haze

Small vessels and those not fitted with specific navigational equipment will not be allowed to sail into Port Klang if visibility falls below one nautical mile.

Port Klang Authority general manager Capt David Padman said such a restriction was necessary to ensure the safety of navigation at the port.

Visibility here fluctuated between zero and 0.5 nautical miles on Tuesday when the Air Pollutant Index reached a high of 495.

“Pilots and masters (the chief executive officers aboard merchant ships) are requested to liaise closely with the vessel traffic management system (VTMS) control centre and observe all standing instructions, advisories, and restrictions,” Capt Padman said in a statement here yesterday.

“Despite the haze, Port Klang remains open for operations as navigational issues are well under control,” he said.

“Ship movements are being well managed and monitored through the VTMS and pilotage services, minimising the risk of any untoward incident while, at the same time, keeping the port operational.

“Port Klang's pilots have been trained to navigate in conditions of restricted visibility besides also taking advantage of short periods of improved visibility to safely navigate ships in and out of the port,” he said.

Capt Padman added that a two-hour work rotation was introduced to limit port workers' exposure to the haze, as well as providing them with N95 face masks and a continuous supply of drinking water.

“To enhance safety, all cargo and passenger vehicles are required to switch on their lights, in addition to adhering to speed restrictions imposed on cargo vehicles,” he said.


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