Friday, 7 June 2013

Penang bridge ramp collapse: An unmoving arm spotted in crushed car

A search camera has detected an unmoving arm in the car lying crushed under tons of concrete and steel after an uncompleted ramp of a flyover connecting the still-under-construction second Penang bridge at Batu Maung collapsed Thursday night.

Rescuers have found part of a number plate with the number "437" from the rubble.

Police believe it is the first three digit of a number plate.

State deputy police chief SAC Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said Friday that a search camera was used and rescuers caught a glimpse of a victim's arm but no movement or response detected.

"We can't ascertain how many victims are there but there's at least one detected.

"It was in a green Perodua Kelisa," he said.

SAC Abdul Rahim said police could not identify the victim and urged anyone with family members missing since Thursday night to approach the police.

Rescue work has been ongoing for more than 14 hours.

"Hundreds of tonnes of concrete and steel collapsed and we need to depend on heavy machinery to aid in clearing work.

Over 300 rescuers from police, Fire Department, JPAM and contractors are working to get to the crushed car.

He said clearing work was expected to be completed this evening.

"We hope the public can be patient," he said.


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