Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Best of Putrajaya

With Putrajaya Shangri La as your base, Putrajaya is easy to access. If you don’t consider driving around ogling at the majestic buildings, a pursuit of leisure, the garden city has more than just what meets the eyes. Try these five activities.

1. Discover nature

Enjoy the greenery at the nearest park such as Taman Botani which was designed as an arcadia for the country’s living collection of plant taxonomy. There are about 700 species of plants in the park and it captures the full diversity of tropical flowers.

2. Bird watching

Wildlife lovers especially bird watchers should not miss a visit to Putrajaya Wetlands, an area of 335 hectares, believed to be the largest constructed freshwater wetlands in the tropics. Get your binoculars out and look for several species of local marshland birds and water birds such as Little Egret and Green Heron.

3. Romantic cruise
If you love to do something romantic with your loved ones, go on a Cruise Tasik in Putrajaya Lake and marvel at some of the landscape and unique architectural structures of the city. Cruise Tasik also offers sassy romantic dinner on the boat.

4. Spa indulgence

Pamper yourself at the spa villa of Putrajaya Shangri La hotel. Relax and enjoy some choice treatments and pressure massages.

5. Go cycling

Putrajaya is also a favourite spot for cycling. Bicycle rental booths are available in Taman Botani, Cruise Tasik jetty and  Taman Putra Perdana. Enjoy the view and serenity of Putrajaya in the evening and witness the amazing structures of Putrajaya at night as you leisurely go along the cycling route. Putrajaya also has a Challenge Park where you can go wild with your bike and gear.-NST


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