Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Facebook Reminds Users That Security Is Important, Offers Tips

Facebook is in the process of reminding every user that a few simple security measures can help them protect their account from those on the interwebs who would wish to use it for dastardly purposes.

When they first log in, many users are seeing a new box on the very top of their News Feed, above the status update box. The box sports the Facebook Security shield and prompts users to “Stay in control of your account by following these simple security tips.” There’s also a link, which takes you straight to the Security on Facebook page.

There, users are presented with a little dashboard that can direct them to various security tips. This includes a scam tutorial that take users on a tour of all the malicious ways that you could see your account compromised like “please send money” scams, phishing scams, scripts, and suspicious notifications. The security page also prompts users to reset their password, especially if their Facebook password is no different from their email password.

Of course, having the same password for multiple services increases the risk of having those services compromised.

Facebook also asks users to confirm their mobile number, so that they can text you your password in situations where account recovery is necessary (lost password, hacked accounts, etc.)

TechCrunch confirms that Facebook is pushing this message to every user over the next few days, and that the security message was planned way ahead of the recent password fiascos over at LinkedIn and Last.fm. But it’s clear that security is on everyone’s mind, and this seems like a honest attempt by Facebook to make it easier for you to keep your account safe, and recover it if it gets compromised.


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