Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Security forces enabled govt to focus on developing nation

ALOR SETAR -- Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the sacrifices made by the security forces in ensuring prevailing peace had enabled the goverment to focus on developing the nation.
He said development went on smoothly and the invaluable contributions of members of the security forces towards this were appreciated and recognised by the people.

"While we are fast sleep, members of the armed forces and police watch out for subversive elements out to destroy the country and gangs of criminals. Before the country's independence, they fought against the invaders and then against communist insurgents.

"But how big were the rewards they received? My presence here today is to give recognition to them," said Muhyiddin in his speech at 'An Evening with the Deputy Prime Minister' function with retirees from the armed forces, police and Prisons Department at the Royal Malaysian Air Force field in Kepala Batas, here, today.

He said the people should always be reminded to appreciate the fruit of independence as many countries did not turn out to be peaceful after independence from colonial rule due to civil war and turmoil, resulting in foreign power intervention.  -- Bernama


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