Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Car security Security tips

Use existing car security features
#Read the owners’ handbook to find out how your car's existing security features work. For instance, sometimes arming the deadlocks requires a ‘double press’ of a remote key

Use your garage
#A securely locked garage will deter most thieves.

Park between other cars
#If you park on the road, try to leave your car between two others, making it harder to tow away.

Watch your car keys
#Don't leave your car keys where a would-be thief can reach them – ideally, store them in a lockable container away from doors and windows.

Use secure car parks
#Look for safe parking spots whenever you're away from home.

Keep valuables hidden
#Remove all valuables from display or, better still, take them with you. This includes clothing, CDs, handbags, sports bags and briefcases. Don’t leave any documentation on view, such as insurance details or driving licence.


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