Tuesday, 12 June 2012

'Missing' boys back home safe

SUNGAI SIPUT: THE three schoolboys who went "missing" on Saturday were found safe and sound on Sunday.

They went "missing" all in the name of having some good time.The three-P. Muganasundram, 12, Nur Muhamad Nazir Hussein, 12, and S. Vijay, 13, -- decided to return home on Sunday after having their fill of good time.

The Year Six pupils of SK Kampung Muhibbah were nearing Sungai Siput town when they were spotted by Civil Defence Department officers at 7pm near Rimba Panjang, 3km away from their homes.

The officers were among police, Rela members, residents and Sungai Siput Barisan Nasional division members who were mobilised after a report was lodged by their parents when the boys failed to return home on Saturday evening.

The boys told their parents on Saturday morning that they were going for extra classes at their school at 7am.

However, by afternoon their parents learnt that there was no extra class at the school.

Vijay said he and his two friends had cycled to the Ulu Chepor picnic site, located 20km from here, for a swim.

"We later went to the (newly-opened) Mydin supermarket nearby, but did not enter the business area.

"We just hung around the premises until it turned dark and then cycled to a nearby petrol kiosk to sleep."

Nur Muhamad, who lives near Vijay's home, said this was the first time the three of them had ventured out of Sungai Siput on their bicycles.
"Actually, one of us had suggested that we go home on Saturday night, but we feared that there would be a police roadblock and that the police would arrest us.

"We were afraid of what we did and hoped we would not be beaten when we returned," Nur Muhamad said.

Muganasundram's mother, R. Mariamman, 34, a factory worker, said they also feared that they would be reprimanded or punished by their parents.
"Thank God, the boys are safe. All we wanted was for them to return home.
"We sincerely thank all those who were involved in searching for our children," she said, with Vijay's mother, R. Anjugam, 35, and Nur Muhamad's father Hussein Muhyiddin, 44, nodding in unison.

Sungai Siput district police chief Superintendent Azman Salim confirmed the boys were brought in for questioning and to record statements before their parents were contacted.

SK Kampung Muhibbah's Parent-Teacher Association chairman Sheikh Saghir Abdul Qais said school administrators should send out letters to parents when they planned to hold extra activities-NST


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