Monday, 25 June 2012

Cops plan pamphlets on security tips

NASHIK: The police will distribute pamphlets to spread awareness among citizens and the business community with regard to security.

The pamphlets that will be distributed through all 11 police stations list a number of security tips like safety measures for women when they venture out of their homes for shopping or for a walk. Women have been urged to ensure that no one is following them either on foot in an auto or on a motorcycle. They have been told to secure jewellery they are wearing too.

In the event of an attempt of chain-snatching, the woman should raise an alarm and take down the number of the vehicle and inform the police as soon as possible.

Citizens in general have been reminded to take down basic information of their domestic help with regard to their name, photo identity and information about their relatives. The information should be furnished to the nearest police station so that verification of such domestic helps is done by the special branch of the police commissionerate.

Residents have been urged to maintain cordial relationships with neighbours so that they can help in an emergency and can also keep watch on your home when you are out.

Residents should take down the names of their tenants, their photos, details about their native place, phone number and profession. Information on those supplying newspapers and milk should also be taken down. Numbers of technicians and mechanics, like those coming for repairing the television, electricians, plumbers, painters, carpenters, computer mechanics and key-makers, should also be with you.

Further, housing society should deploy security and take down all information on them. Character verification of such security personnel should be secured from the police. Watchmen should not be given any work besides guarding the building or society, the police said.

Residents have also been urged to keep a watch on those visiting tenants. If there is any doubt, the police should be immediately contacted.-TheStar


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