Friday, 19 April 2013

Exora MPV to be used as budget taxis from June

A modified version of the Proton Exora MPV to be known as TEKS1M (1Malaysia Taxi) will be used as budget taxis from June with rates starting at RM3.

The key features of the Exora budget taxi include a spacious cabin, ample legroom and boot space and taxi accessories such as taxi meter, credit/debit card facility and mobile data terminal, said Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar.

“The decision to use elegant brown for the vehicles is because the colour exudes the excellence gold' feel. This has never been used before on taxis,” he said at the launch of TEKS1M yesterday.

Syed Hamid said the taxi rate would begin from RM3 compared with the executive taxis which start at RM6.

“Exoras will gradually replace the older taxi models,” he said.

The taxis, which come in manual or automatic transmission models, are also available in either petrol or the OEM-fitted natural gas vehicle (NGV) models.

Among its premium features are two years' warranty, GPS navigation and the anti-lock braking system.

Proton executive chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil said the first batch comprising 1,000 units of the Exora taxis would be ready by June.

“Proton is committed in providing vehicles with the highest level of comfort and safety as well as making them affordable and reasonably priced,” he said.

Taxi driver Eddie Chang, 57, said the “standardisation” of the taxi colour would ease confusion among commuters.

“This would also be a convenience to foreigners here,” said Chang, who has been in the job for seven years.

Another taxi driver Kanabati Hari Krishnan, 48, said the Exora taxi was “convenient and spacious with plenty of features as well as credit card payment facility for passengers”.

“There is also insurance coverage for taxi drivers,” he added.

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