Friday, 19 April 2013

#GE13: New housing scheme for civil servants in Putrajaya

A new housing programme, with an attractive price tag and the promise that the units will be better than HDB flats in Singapore, has been announced for civil servants in Putrajaya.

The 1Malaysia Civil Servants Housing programme is offering houses with a price of between RM150,00 and RM300,000.

“The Government will build 10,336 houses, which the developers have promised will be better than those of the HDB flats in Singapore,” said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when launching the programme here yesterday.

The Prime Minister said the programme was a public-private partnership between Putrajaya Corporation, Putrajaya Holdings and SP Setia.

“The Government subsidised the programme by providing the land to reduce the overall costs, so the prices of the houses can be lowered.

“Without the subsidy, I think the prices could be in the range of RM500,000,” Najib said, adding that the houses were meant for civil servants with a monthly household income of not more than RM8,000.

To make it easier for them to purchase the houses, only RM2,000 would be required as the down payment.

“Priority is for those working in Putrajaya. There is a condition the houses cannot be sold within 10 years,” he said.

Putrajaya Corporation president Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat said in a statement that application forms to purchase the houses could be downloaded from the corporation's website

He said the forms were also available at the PPA1M counter at the corporation's complex in Precinct 3.

The closing date for phase one is May 9.

In his speech at the MOU signing between Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) and Barisan Nasional here yesterday, Najib said a special unit had been established at the Prime Minister's Department to ensure that the promises to the Indian community would be carried out.

He added that Malaysian Indians had contributed much to the nation's development and deserved what was promised to them.

He also urged the Indians to vote for the Barisan in the polls so that the blueprint could be implemented for the betterment of the community.

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