Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Foreign worker killed in worksite crash

A foreign worker was killed in another crane crash - three days after a motorist was killed by falling construction equipment at the LRT project site.

The latest victim, in his 30s, and another foreigner were on a sky lift, repairing the zinc roofing on a four-storey flat in Kampung Keramat yesterday.

According to witnesses, the arm of the crane arm was fully extended and had two men in the basket when it lost balance and toppled over.

This caused the basket to come crashing down between the flat and a row of single-storey homes behind it.

Fire engines from the Setapak and Kampung Keramat stations rushed to the scene after receiving a call at noon.

The building had minimal damage but the impact of the crash broke the crane's arm and basket, killing the Indonesian worker instantly and injuring his colleague.

Another worker, who was on the roof, escaped unharmed and was later rescued.

On Friday's incident, one driver was killed and another injured when 10 tonnes of equipment crashed onto rush hour traffic on Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang.

A. Vijayasingam was killed in his car while Arifpuddin Mansoruddin, 42, was injured.


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