Thursday, 14 March 2013

Breitling team to display air skills in Subang

The Breitling jet team is set to put Malaysians in awe with its aerobatics jet performance in Subang Skypark at 11am on Saturday.

Those coming to the event will be given an open air visual treat as the team, made up of ex-fighter pilots from the French air force, will fly seven L-39C Albatros military training jets in impressive sequences of synchronised rolls, loops and crossovers.

Breitling jet team leader Jacques Bothelin said the team’s aerial display was an artistic expression.

“We give the public an emotive 25-minute performance with elegant manoeuvres, smoke, music and commentary,” he said.

VIP Tengku Panglima Besar Selangor Tengku Abdul Samad Shah and media personalities got a first-hand experience as they joined the pilots for a spin in the jets yesterday.

Radio announcer Jin Lim said the once-in-a-lifetime experience was awesome.

“I was allowed by my pilot to take control, and I got to do some barrel rolls! It was very exciting!” he exclaimed.

The jet team is the world’s largest civilian aerobatics team and is an ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Breitling.

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