Monday, 11 March 2013

#LahadDatu: Malaccans show their patriotism

In a show of patriotism, residents in Ujong Pasir near here have come together to send a message to the intruders in Sabah that they would defend the honour and sovereignty of the nation at all cost.

Besides flying the Jalur Gemilang in their homes, a group of them also held a “sit-in” at Pertam in a show of support for the efforts carried out by the armed forces against the intruders.

The group, which also included children, carried a long banner depicting the Jalur Gemilang, while the rest carried miniature flags.

Several of them gave short speeches where they expressed their feelings on what is happening in Sabah.

“We are not afraid, if they (the intruders) come here I will slap them with my bare hands.

“Why disturb a peaceful nation like ours? My father said the intrusion would impact our stability,” said a 12-year-old M. Manosch.

A teenager, R. Esshwer, said he is saddened with the development taking place in Sabah.

“We used to watch news of terror attacks in other parts of the world, but now we are witnessing one in our own country.

“My dad has asked me to fly the Jalur Gemilang in a show of patriotism and to show support for our heroes who are combating the enemy,” said the 13-year-old Form One student.

Former Kung Fu exponent Tan Chai Hock, 77, said he is willing sacrifice his life for the nation if his contribution is required.

“I am ready to fight in the battlefield as I hate those who try to disrupt our peace and harmony,” he said.
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