Saturday, 2 March 2013

Less than 10% of prisoners return to crime

Less than 10% of prisoners in the country are repeat offenders, says Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong.

He added that the overall rate of repeat offenders was in line with the target set under the Government’s key performance index (KPI).

Lee said the recidivistic rate (habitual relapse into crime) stood at 7.9% as of last year.

“The low number of prisoner relapse was due to the success of the rehabilitation programmes, which were introduced in 2008.

“The programmes have provided the former prisoners with living skills that can help them improve their lives,” Lee said during the Prisons Department (Northern Zone II) Excellence Service Awards 2012 here yesterday.

Lee also said that the community rehabilitation programme between the department and the armed forces for pre-release prisoners had played a crucial role in reducing the recidivistic rate.

He said that the Prisons Depart-ment had been working with the Education Ministry to enable 1,700 young prisoners to further their studies under the department’s integrity school programme.

“Twenty-four inmates are currently pursuing diploma, degree and Masters courses with Open Univer-sity Malaysia while serving their sentences,” he said.
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