Friday, 14 September 2012

Enough Politicising Rakyat and Students For The Sake Of Anwar

The writer could still remember vividly in 1998 how Anwar came to meet with a group of students few months before he was convicted of sodomy and stripped of his posts with the government. Seemed to know that his dreams of becoming Malaysia's Prime Minister succeeding Mahathir were shattered, this chameleon started planning a destructive move to poison the students' minds on how evil the government was and to empathize with his fate. 
Flash forward to to 2012, things about Anwar have not changed at all. He is still pursuing (pursuing does not really describe Anwar, it is more to 'kemaruk') to become Malaysia's Prime Minister amidst reports of sex scandals and morality issues. Anwar and his team of donkeys as they are preffered to be called created numerous utopia campaigns to win the heart of the rakyat and put UMNO to blame whenever they perform any mistakes or caught lying. Just this year alone Anwar and his think tanks promised to reduce tax, gas, car prices and toll, abolish PTPTN and provide free education, all of which seem to be too good to be true. This is because just last year, Anwar was overheard saying that the country is going bankrupt under BN-UMNO leadership, but with all of his promises involving huge sums of money so now tell me who is talking bulls here?

As a former student rep myself, I was introduced to politics quite early. The university where I studied at had (or has) this bunch of students who have been groomed by the people from the opposition party from their first year there. These boys and girls were maliciously trained to again poison the minds of students to defeat the government via 'student power'. And coincidentally though, these are the same people who sought scholarships and government aided loans! Talk about betraying the hands that feed you! And yes, these students have some special traits that make them easily identifiable and one of them is poor grades. Some of them purposely fail themselves so that they can stay in the university longer to train their younger comrades while the rest are basically wasting their time tarnishing the university and country's name by saying that both the former and latter are dictatorial and evil! Now please enlighten me: Is providing subsidized education evil?Does providing grants and superb facilities i.e. spacious dorms and colleges, classes and auditoriums eventually kill people and deprive people of their basic needs? This is an utterly absurd perception of the government that the opposition is trying so hard to create and spread to the students.

Hence, just this year you heard about "Student Power" which coincidentally bring you back to 2008's opposition political campaign to the Indian i.e. "People's Power"! All these are basically strategies that the opposition do to gain more votes. In 2008, the Indians were fooled to by Anwar and his goons by promising them positions, land and more power if they had voted for him. Well, the Indians believed in the chameleon, voted for him but got nothing. His video promising land ownership to the Kg Buah Pala people on youtube showed how people can be betrayed by his deceptive words. And now in 2012, I can see that Anwar is using the Chinese people as well as the University students to again win him votes. The Chinese were influenced by his UMNO bashing strategy while the students were promised money and free education. He even chose some problematic students with poor grades to seep into universities and spread his agenda. But I am happy that majority of our students could see the clear picture as these problematic students, shouting "Student Power" and other shenanigans were not even present to cater for the students' needs and welfare during the controversial KUIS and UNISEL problem erupted. Meanwhile, the Chinese were driven to do street demonstrations in Bersih 3.0, Lynas and Hijau all of which are not true campaigns by the activists but rather political ones to gain mileage. 

Not planning to go long winded, the writer thinks that he should stop here but hopes that the readers get the message clear, which is to gauge the malicious and ill-feeling of the opposition towards the government up to the point of tarnishing the image our beloved country Malaysia, using the rakyat as donkeys to disseminate their agenda to rule the country. You have seen and you were there during the 2008 elections where the people were promised the moon and the stars which is quite evident in 2012 also. Thus, do make the right choice before the country loses everything that it strove hard to achieve for the past 55 years.


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