Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Witness traumatised by drowning of civil servant

PETALING JAYA: An eyewitness of a drowning said she was traumatised after seeing a civil servant die during a training programme for administrative and diplomatic officers.

The witness, who wanted only to be known as Sarah, 30, said the victim, Aldy Hasni Abu Hasan, had repeatedly notified the training officer that he was not confident of crossing a canal near Sungai Miang in Pekan, Pahang, during the session on Sunday.

Aldy Hasni, 35, who was based at the Defence Ministry, drowned while undergoing training at the Territorial Army’s Force 136 Camp.

Sarah said Aldy Hasni was earlier told by training officers not to be afraid.

“He then crossed the canal in his camouflage uniform and boots. I think the soaked uniform was heavy and his leg got stuck when he tried to cross the canal,” she said yesterday.

Sarah, who noted that there was no paramedic nearby, said Aldy Hasni was pulled out by one of the trainers, who conducted CPR on him before he was sent to Pekan Hospital.

“The officers earlier thought that Aldy Hasni was play-acting and called his name. Then they noticed white foam coming out of his mouth,” she added.

Sarah said the 244 trainees were not provided with life jackets during the training session that day.

“We asked the management team and the trainers a day before the session to provide us with safety equipment but nothing was done,” she claimed.

Aldy Hasni’s remains were buried at the Pumpong Muslim cemetery in Alor Setar yesterday. He leaves a wife and two sons.

It was reported that Chief Secretary to the Government Datuk Ali Hamsa had instructed the Public Service Department and the National Institute of Public Administration to cease endu­rance training for administrative and diplomatic trainees and all other courses for non-uniformed officers with immediate effect.

Source : TheStar


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