Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Runaway teens return

KLANG: Two runaway teenage sisters have returned home after going missing for a week.

Tee Hui Fang, 16, and her sister Hui Yee, 15, were reunited with their parents on Monday night after a mediation session initiated by social activist Peter Tan.

The two girls, who had stayed at a house belonging to a friend’s sister, were initially reluctant to return home as they feared their disciplinarian father.

Hui Fang, in particular, was in fear of her father who she said often scolded her.

“I want to do many things, but he won’t let me. I want to go out, and I like dancing, but he always disallows it,” she said.

Hui Yee accompanied Hui Fang because she was worried for her elder sister who had a medical condition that causes her to faint when she is stressed or angry.

Hui Fang, who needs regular medical check-ups due to her condition, was sent to a Welfare Department girls’ home in Kampung Pandan by her father due to her rebellious behaviour early this year.

“I was there for only one month, and am afraid I will be sent back again,” said Hui Fang, who has to report periodically to Welfare Department counsellors.

Their mother, Tan Boon Kian, panicked when both girls were missing when she went to pick them up after school on Sept 3.

Hui Fang and Hui Yee said their friend’s sister picked them up and brought them to the house in Bandar Sunway.

“I saw newspaper reports about a search for us and called Peter (Tan) on Sunday as his number was published,” said Hui Yee.

Tan said he spent two days persuading the girls to return home before arranging for the parents to meet them at Bandar Sunway.

“They spoke for hours, and it was agreed that the father will grant them some freedom, such as permission to go out on non-school nights,” said Tan.

Boon Kian admitted that her husband was overprotective of the children as there were many reports of girls getting cheated.

The girls’ father Tee Tan Ong said he wanted to protect his daughters from bad influence.

“It is difficult. If you don’t give in, they throw a tantrum. But does it make you a good parent if you let them do what they want?’’ asked Tee.
Source : TheStar


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