Thursday, 17 January 2013

Criminals spend RM100,000 to buy talismans to ward off police

Criminals are spending up to RM100,000 to buy “charms” made of boar's tusks, human bones and ashes to avoid from being caught by police, reported Harian Metro.

The Malay daily claimed that gang members would even resort to worshipping the bones and tusks before using them as a charm or talisman to ward off police.

Quoting a former criminal who only wanted to be known as Black, 36, it said the price of these charms would vary depending on their “powers” and ability to help the owner escape the “eyes” of the authorities.

According to Black, who has since repented, many criminals believe in the power of these charms, which are bought from mediums in Thailand and Indonesia for between RM10,000 and RM50,000.

“There are also more powerful charms, which can exceed RM100,000,” he said, adding that he also owned one.

Citing an incident, Black claimed that he once managed to escape a police dragnet after a robbery with his gang members because he had his charm at that time.

However, he admitted that there were also many criminals who ended up caught despite having their charms.



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