Friday, 4 January 2013


Only one lane on Persiaran Putra Perdana, in Putra Heights, is open Friday morning after a mudslide late Thursday buried a number of vehicles and made the road impassable.

Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli said the mud was so wet that it could not be picked up and removed as it kept oozing out of the lorries.

So the mud has been pushed to one side and one lane cleared for traffic, he said.

No one was injured during the mudslide at 6.15pm on Thursday in Bukit Cermin, Persiaran Putra Perdana, but a number of cars were washed in mud.

The cars were being cleaned and efforts were underway to tow them away, he said.

The OCPD said that an update of the situation would be given at a press conference after a meeting with the “relevant parties at 3pm to discuss the safety of the hill slope and the building on top of it.”

Five cars, a van and a motorcycle were damaged and earth that fell into a pond facing the road caused the pond to overflow.

Kingsley Hills Sdn Bhd founder Tan Sri Barry Goh said Thursday the earth came from a plot of land that was being filled and that all work would be suspended pending a site audit.

The company is involved in a residential development in the area.


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