Friday, 11 January 2013

#KL112: Beware of The Catastrophe And Deadly Aftermath!

When a group of people or organization decides to embark on a protest or demonstration (or whatever other creative terms they may come up with to make it sound appropriate), do expect a chaotic scene of clashes and commotion. There is no such thing as a peaceful protest when the objective of organizing one is to create and release a wave of anger and frustration. People are driven by hatred and thought that the world would be a better place if retaliation takes place. Examples are aplenty, one can just google the word 'uprising' or 'demonstration' and hundreds of news and articles can be deduced and read and analyzed to prove the point. In severe cases, deaths were also reported all in the name of short thinking and influenced by emotional backlash. 

The Arab Spring is a clear example of protest turned deadly whilst taking matters into your own hands. The objective of overthrowing the government might have been achieved but did the countries affected by all the chaos ever recovered? Did the countries achieve peace as desired and restore its condition just as before, when all the people have to do is to go out to the streets and smash windows and ruin businesses whenever they feel like the leader of the nation is not performing up to what they expect?     

To make matters worst, these protesters are also accompanied by terrorists claiming to be 'just' protesters who do no harm. Just look at the demonstration in Libya which saw 4 Americans killed including the Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens. The embassy was torched beyond recognition all in the name of protest. Intelligence reported that the Ambassador was in fact killed by the terrorists hiding behind the protesters! 

Taking the issue closer to home, we are once again faced with yet another of the so called rakyat's uprising as the Perhimpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat KL112 is about to take place tomorrow in the heart of the city. Many involved were adamant that such a gathering is going to be a peaceful rally, urging protesters to bring the whole family and kids in tow to 'walk hand in hand' in the name of harmony to change the government. No matter how peaceful they may claim it to be, looking back at Bersih 1.0 - 3.0, the aftermath was far from peaceful! Protesters retaliated against Police orders to not cause troubles as agreed and the result proved to be bloody instead!

Many may ask why such thing happened and the answer is simply because the organizers who are mainly leaders from the opposition and claim to be holier than thou were the culprits who fueled the rakyat's anger and wanted the protest to be  hellish! Once the demonstration reaches its boiling point, the organizers can play the victim in front of the media and the whole world and garner sympathy while the government of the country is condemned heavily. Making the government of a country look atrocious and evil towards its people is the easiest strategy to deceive other countries' people to fall into the victimized trap. Just look at Malaysia's opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim who is a chameleon champion who regularly plays the victim to get the rakyat's sympathy! As the election nears it is the best time to start compensating the peace that our forefathers took years,sweat,blood and tears to achieve!  

Do not be surprised if tomorrow's protest comes with provocation and aggravation. And do not be surprised if terrorists are also lurking behind all the protesters to seek any opportunity to doom the country. Do not say you have not been warned!


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