Friday, 18 January 2013

Previous cases of Malaysians taken hostage

The latest hostage drama involving Malaysians is not the first of such incidents.

The following are some of the cases in which other Malaysians had been taken hostage.

April 23, 2000: Twenty-one people, including nine Malaysians, were kidnapped by armed militants from Sipadan.

They were later released in batches.

Sept 10, 2000: Three people were kidnapped by an armed group from Pandanan island off Sabah and taken by boat to Jolo. Pandanan Semporna Island. Resort manager Mohamed Noh Sulaiman, 43, divemaster Joseph Joe Ongkinoh, 40, and contractor Kan Wei Chong, 35, were rescued with the help of a Philippine enforcement agency a month later.

Dec 23, 2010: Tsen Vui Chung, 42, and his cousin Lai Wing Chau, 33, were finally freed months after they were kidnapped by gunmen.

Filipino police found them on the coast of Bongao on Tawi-Tawi island in southern Philippines.

April 4, 2011: Pandian Chelliah, 46, was among four people abducted at the height of the civil unrest in Ivory Coast.

Despite efforts to trace him, Pandian was never found.

May 8, 2011: Trader Mohd Nazaruddin Saidin, 38, who had travelled from Kuala Lumpur to buy gecko lizards in the Philip­pines, was reportedly kidnapped by gunmen and released a year late.



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