Wednesday, 2 January 2013

More manpower for police force

An additional manpower of 4,000 will be joining the police force next year which will provide support to the existing 122,000 personnel to fight crime nationwide.

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said from the new recruits, a total of 1,000 personnel will carry the rank of Inspector and be stationed at identified locations.

“They will be on duty at the identified areas to aid in achieving the objectives under the Reducing Crime NKRA under the GTP 2.0 to reduce crime in housing areas, business premises, Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations and bus routes.

“This is different from the first phase where the focus was on efforts to reduce street crime, especially snatch theft as it is a major concern amongst the public,” he said.

The police force will gain strength from its current 122,000 personnel to 155,000 personnel by 2015.

The 4,000 new personnel will undergo training at the army training camps with this approach helping to save the Government’s expenditure as the training facilities are similar and the shared usage will benefit both parties.

The efforts to beef up the police force is a necessity and is important to create confidence amongst the public that the police are taking proactive measures to fight crime.

The results from the previous focus areas have shown a significant reduction for snatch theft incidents.

With that, the criminals have started to shift their focus to housing areas and business premises.


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