Wednesday, 23 January 2013

RM400,000 worth of fireworks seized

Some RM400,000 worth of fireworks were seized after authorities stopped a container lorry in Bunut Payong.

Kelantan Anti-Smuggling Unit commander Mazlan Karim said during the incident on Saturday, the lorry, which was carrying 400 cartons of fireworks, was believed to be on its way to the Klang Valley.

“Based on the modus operandi and the amount of firecrackers seized, we believe that a syndicate is behind such activities.

Ten of our officers managed to stop the lorry in Bunut Payong while it was on its way out of the state.

“However, the lorry driver and his accomplice managed to escape,” Mazlan told reporters at the unit's office at Lubuk Gong here yesterday.

He said the fireworks, which were made in China, were believed to have been smuggled into the country from Thailand.

The contraband, he said, had been handed to the Customs Department for further action.

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