Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Crusade

To influence the minds of Malaysian Malays is super easy. Perhaps these Malays never learn from Singapore. We non-malays just have to act Malay, recite some surah from their holy book and speak more bahasa. And you'll gain their symphaty and support immideately. Malays will never guess your intentions and motives behind doing all these. Simply because they are a group of emotional ethnic who can get carried away easily and will never use their ability to think before acting. Another kryptonite would definitely have to be money and religion. If you can master all these strategies you might even overpower them and they will bow at you instantly.

When I decided to give a speech on a Christmas dinner last year, Malaysiakini decided to quote on my speech of pressuring the Federal Government to allow the use of the word Allah in our bible. Though I was super ready to face the consequences, I could also sit back and relax as I knew my strong alliance with PAS would act as a shield because PAS' followers listen religiously to their leaders. Everything that comes out from their leaders' mouths are regarded as the words of God, to be swallowed without a single hesitation. Hence, Me and few other friends who are bishops were indeed very happy and welcomed Mat Sabu's and Nik Aziz' linience on the matter of Allah. Once these two people gave their green light, I would not have to worry on setbacks and criticisms because their followers will come out with every little excuse since their leaders have said that it is okay to use the term in the bible. Now I would just have to face the depleting UMNO supporters who are making this issue a big fuss. But hey not to worry as my human shield (the PAS brothers) are there to protect me right?

To tell you the truth, using this term is actually a huge deal if I was a Muslim. It actually amazes me that the PAS camp could be such a sport to let the Malaysian Christians use the term Allah and help us to not spin it into those worldwide Prophet Mohammad demos by Muslims. Malaysia has really changed, and that change is for the better. Now that we have our human shield to cover our steps in changing Malaysia into a more Christian-friendly and Christian-supporting country, I believe that my crusade is almost coming true. Mind you the battle was not a bed roses, I was put in jail, in detention, humiliated and despised at before having Anwar Ibrahim and the PAS brothers rescue me. Now that I am almost at the top, it will take a little bit more time and effort before our goal is achieved. Hiding behind my chinese race has never been this beneficial and advantageous! The Malays who support PAS and my party will never buy the idea of Christianizing Malaysia although such intention has been my goal ever since! I just cant wait to embark on this crusade in the name of God!

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  1. "To tell you the truth, using this term is actually a huge deal if I was a Muslim" but yet you continue to do so. didnt the Bible teaches to love and respect thy neighbour?