Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Burqa-clad bandit mystery ends with man’s arrest

MALACCA: The mystery of a burqa-clad thief who tried to steal from an ATM before robbing a hypermarket outlet has been solved with the arrest of a 22-year-old former security guard.

The hype over the burqa-clad thief followed CCTV footage that showed the suspect attempting to pry open the ATM at a hypermarket in Bachang during its non-operational hours between 11pm and 8am on Aug 22.

The clip also showed the suspect, with his face and eyes partially covered, roaming around the hypermarket and trying to break into other outlets on the premises.

State Deputy CID chief Supt P.R. Gunarajan said the suspect failed in his attempt to fool police by dressing up in woman’s clothing.

“We managed to detain the man at his home in Bachang last Friday,” he said yesterday.

Supt Gunarajan said the man had also stolen ten handphones from an outlet inside the hypermarket.

He said his attempt to pry-open the ATM was discovered by a security guard of the hypermarket at 8am on the same day.

ATMs have increasingly been targeted by thieves.

On Aug 12, four robbers left empty-handed when they failed to take money from an ATM which they had blown up at the Bandar Baru Utama, Masjid Tanah Bank Rakyat branch, near here.

The explosion at 3.20am damaged the ATM as well as the wall and ceiling of the building.

The explosives were fixed to one of two ATMs near the cash compartment.

Police arrested four civil servants suspected to be involved in the blowing up of the ATM.

The men, aged between 23 and 24, were detained in Malacca and Kelantan.


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