Friday, 21 December 2012

App for Malaysian students get adjusted in Melbourne

A young Malaysian broadcast journalist has created an iPhone and iPad app to help newly-arrived Malaysian students make a smooth transition to life here.

The "Malaysia in Melbourne" app created by Juliet John, among others highlighted the services and events held at the Malaysian Consulate and information on affordable restaurants and shops that sell Malaysian groceries, including halal eateries and outlets.

It would be launched next March for free.

John, who holds a Masters degree in Global Media and Communications from the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of South Australia, is the head of public relations at MELVIA, an app and game development studio here.

She said many Malaysian students felt lost after arriving here, and hoped her iPhone and iPad app could help them to get adjusted well in Australia.

"Many don't get to experience the Australian way of life because they are young, shy and timid to venture out with Australian friends.

"They can become depressed because they miss their family and friends at home and find it hard to make friends here and to fit in," she told Bernama here.

John said while Muslim students might not know where to buy halal food and others might find it difficult to find student services and accommodation.

She hoped the "Malaysia in Melbourne" app would change all this where students would be able to source information for a happy and meaningful stay in Australia.

She said the app would also provide information on job opportunities and internships, as well as social networking opportunities and on health and welfare matters.

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