Thursday, 13 December 2012

Volunteers treat Palestinian children to toys and games

It was a day to remember for some 100 Palestinian orphans when they were treated to loads of toys and games by Malaysian volunteers from the Solidarity Mission to Gaza 2012 at the Al-Amal Institute of Orphans, the oldest orphanage in Gaza.

The volunteers who brought in the toys, educational tools and gifts met the orphans, aged between five and 12, at the institute that was established in 1949, with its humble beginnings involving accommodating orphans in tents.

Director of the institute, Muham-med Hassan Abu Ali said the institute had been receiving many more orphans since the 2008/2009 and the recent November attacks with children coming in with traumatic experience.

“Some of the kids had watched as their mother and father got killed. It's very hard for a human being to go through such an experience, what more for a kid. We called the psychologists to handle such cases,” he said after attending the event at the institute located in Al-Wihdah Street, here.

He thanked all contributors from Malaysia for their support and sacrifice for such a noble cause.

He said from past records, the institute had successful stories by producing professionals such as doctors and lawyers with their specialised sponsored programmes when the children stayed at the institute until the age of 18.

“We encourage them to enrol in a university. The institute contributes to the tuition fees and the academic achievement will be followed up until they graduate and then slowly start their own life,” he said.

The institute currently houses 150 orphans and also provides educational, social, cultural and sports support for 4,000 orphans around Gaza with centres such as the Cultural and Childhood Centre, Family and Com-munity Centre, Capacity Building Centre and Handicraft Centre.

The Malaysian delegation later visited the Handicraft Centre which showcases creative craft works by the orphans.

The Aman Palestin (AP) Solidarity Mission 2012 with 120 volunteers, among them professionals, artistes and students, entered the Gaza Strip to deliver donations worth RM1.8mil from Malaysians of all walks of life.

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