Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Philippine police ready to release Fikrie’s body

Philippine police are ready to release the body of suspected Jemaah Islamiyah bomber Mohd Noor Fikrie Abd Kahar, who was gunned down in Davao City recently.

Its city police chief Senior Supt Ronald de la Rosa said police were expecting Mohd Noor Fikrie's family to claim the body yesterday.

“We are ready to release the body. We expected the family to arrive and claim the body today but they have not,” he said yesterday.

Mohd Noor Fikrie from Kedah, was killed in Davao city on Friday night after he threatened to blow up an explosive device in a rucksack.

He was identified based on a Malaysian passport on him while his Philippine wife, Annabel Nieva Lee, a native of Sorsogon, was arrested. Since the failed terror plot on Friday night, de la Rosa explained local police have been working closely with their Malaysian counterparts.

“The situation has become calmer in Davao but we are still vigilant. We are still on alert, ready for any possibility,” he said.

On Mohd Noor Fikrie's wife Lee, de la Rosa said she was being detained for further questioning.

Meanwhile, Bukit Aman special task force (operations and counter terrorism) director Datuk Mohamad Fuzi Harun said Mohd Noor Fikrie's family left for Davao at about 6.30am yesterday.

“They were accompanied by three police personnel.

“We are not sure when they are going to bring his body back to Malaysia as they have to go through various procedures,” he said.

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