Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Noor Fikrie’s chilling messages before his death

Mohd Noor Fikrie Abd Kahar purportedly wrote a series of chilling messages about welcoming death in an online forum a day before he left on a terror mission in the Philippines.

The 26-year-old was reported by a local Malay daily to be a member of a local online forum, writing under the name “gooddjinn”.

According to information in local web portal CariGold.com, which hosts the “Religious Talk” forum, the user gooddjinn had posted 11 messages on April 26, during which the writer spoke about fighting Islam's enemies.

“Death is a friend. It follows you even when you have forgotten about it. Get to know it before it comes to you.

“It is for the martyred Muslim the final resting place, where his weariness in his fight in the way of Allah will be eased,” read one of the postings.

Mohd Noor Fikrie had left Malaysia via Sandakan the next day, staying in southern Zamboanga City before moving to Cotabato City in Mindanao and then to Davao.

In an earlier message on April 26, gooddjinn had lamented the lack of opportunities to die in the fight against the enemies of Islam, writing: “Pity the Malays who have no opportunity for martyrdom.”

Nearly all of his postings end with the same message: “In the name of Allah and the Oneness of God, I will support the efforts and the movement of the Global Jihad to fight the terrorist unbelievers and their infidel allies, no matter the price nor sacrifice, until victory or martyrdom!”

The heading for another posting read “The Crusades are back”, containing three YouTube clips featuring Osama bin Laden and the US war in Afghanistan.

Although gooddjinn's online friends could not be contacted to verify his identity, the messages were disturbing enough for some of them to write back and ask if he was feeling all right.

“Why are you suddenly thinking of dying this is scary,” one of his online friends had written in the forum.

The messages by gooddjinn on April 26 were his final ones, after which he ceased to be active in the forum.

A member of the forum since 2006, gooddjinn had posted a total of 2,438 messages.

While most of his early postings centred around online businesses, gooddjinn began to increasingly focus on religion and martyrdom since the start of this year.

Source : TheStar


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