Monday, 3 December 2012

Volunteers set for Gaza

KUALA LUMPUR: For volunteers of the second humanitarian aid mission to Gaza, the prospect of going to a country at the cusp of war may be frightening, but they are willing to face the risks.

Halimi Hamid, 29, said he felt a mix of excitement and fear about the mission due to the unpredictable situation in Palestine.

“From the reports I’ve read, people are suffering badly,” said the anaesthetist from Putrajaya Hos-pital.

Halimi was among the 30-odd people who attended a briefing by Putra 1Malaysia Club yesterday to prepare the volunteers for the aid mission planned by the club to deliver medical supplies.

Thirty doctors will join the 56 volunteers in the mission from Dec 5-14.

The club last went for its humanitarian mission at the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip in 2010.

Gerakan Belia Gagasan 1Malaysia president Shahrul Nasrun Kamarudin said he wanted to see the situation in Gaza with his own eyes and help out.

“I’m ready for this mission, I know the risks after coming for this briefing,” he said, adding that 20 other members from the group would be joining the aid mission, in collaboration with the club.

Emergency physician Dr Aminah Osman, 40, said she joined the mission at the last minute after learning about the lack of medical specialists on board.

“It is the same whether we help people here or the people there, though it looks like those in Gaza need immediate help,” she said.

Dr Aminah said she had her parents’ blessings although they were worried for her safety.

“I’m not scared, but we have to wait and see how it’ll be once we touch down,” she added.

Putra 1Malaysia Club president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said the team would focus on bringing in medical supplies.

“We heard that there are many injured people in need of medicine,” he added.
Source : Thestar


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