Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cops ready to face floods

PETALING JAYA: The traffic police are all geared up to face flash floods in the Klang Valley in light of the heavy rain that is expected to continue over the next two weeks.

Selangor traffic chief Deputy Supt Azmi Mansor said police were working with the Fire and Rescue Department to handle congestion and keep roads safe.

“If a flash flood occurs, we will immediately despatch our men to the affected area.

“We aim to maintain order and keep traffic congestion to a minimum,” he said yesterday.

DSP Azmi said his team had been briefed on what to expect and what they had to do.

He said traffic would be re-routed if and when a flash flood happened, and urged motorists and other road users to be patient if they find themselves stuck in a jam.

Kuala Lumpur traffic chief Asst Comm Rusli Mohd Noor said his department was liaising closely with City Hall, the Fire and Rescue Department and the Civil Defence Department.

“We have enough manpower to deploy personnel to handle any flash flood,” he said.

Meanwhile, UK-based Institute of Advanced Motorists has advised road users who encounter flash floods to drive “on the highest section of the road”.

In a posting on its website, the institute said: “Should another vehicle approach from the opposite direction, let it pass before driving through the flooded portion of the road.

“Those who feel confident about driving through roads inundated with water should drive slowly and keep going once they have started.

“If driving a manual car, keep the revs high by slipping the clutch' (which means the clutch is not fully engaged) at all times you are in the water.

“If a driver can't see where he or she is going to come out of the water, such as when approaching flooding on a corner, think twice about starting to drive into it.”

It said motorists driving through deep water should never take their foot off the accelerator as this would allow water to travel up the exhaust pipe.

Once clear of the water, it added, drivers should dry their brakes before using them.


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