Friday, 12 October 2012

MyHijau Logo soon to highlight environs-friendly goods and services

Datuk Seri Peter Chin
KUALA LUMPUR: Companies that choose to “go green” with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) will learn how to cut their operating costs by up to 40% while contributing towards nature conservation activities.

Under the “Recycle for Nature” programme, which was launched yesterday, participating companies and their employees will be trained to recycle and be rewarded with “green points” based on the volume of waste they recycle.

These points will be converted into cash by the door-to-door recycling scheme operators Recycle & Reward.

“The cash will go towards MNS' nature conservation activities,” said its executive director Shah Redza Hussein after signing a partnership agreement with GreenTech Malaysia, Recycle & Reward and Green Verks at the 3rd International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia.

The funds, he said, would mostly go towards the protection activities being carried out in the Be-lum Temenggor Forest Complex in Perak.

He said once a company had signed up for the programme, an expert team would be sent to its premises to assess and provide solutions to reduce the costs of waste disposal, as well as discover new means as to how savings can be made by reducing on other expenses, including water and electricity bills.

Employees of the company will also be trained and will stand a chance at winning green points, which are redeemable for selected items and products based on their recycling habits at home.

“They can choose to either keep the green points or donate them to MNS. Even if they choose to keep the points, 20% of the total amount will be awarded to MNS,” said Recycle & Reward director Suzana Mohkeri.

She said they would first conduct an audit on the waste produced by the company, before collecting, sorting and weighing the waste.

Recyclable items will be taken to a recycling centre at the end of each day.

GreenTech Malaysia will upload the data on their portal and display a live feed of waste volume and the amount of waste recycled by each company.


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