Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Motorcyclists give road bully victim the shivers

MALACCA: Ten days after being assaulted by a road bully, award-winning teacher M. Amutha (pic) is still traumatised.

The petite 36-year-old counselling teacher of a secondary school said she shudders each time she finds motorcyclists zooming close to her while driving.

On Sept 30 at about 6pm, Amutha was on her way to a stationery wholesaler near Kampung Hulu to buy items for her school when a motorcyclist's haphazard riding caused her to scrape her car against another vehicle.

Amutha scolded the motorcyclist, a middle-aged man.

However, the man trailed her and kicked her car when she stopped.

“He shouted profanities, demanding that I come out of my car,” she said, adding that her 68-year-old mother and eight-year-old niece were in the car.

Amutha got out and the man began hitting her with his helmet, kicking her and shoving her to the ground while her mother and niece watched in horror.

She claimed passers-by just stood and watched without attempting to stop the man.

“Only after the man had left did someone ask whether I needed to get to the hospital,” she said.

She recorded the registration number of the motorcycle of her assailant and lodged a police report at the Melaka Tengah police headquarters.

“I still can't forget the terrifying incident. I have developed a fear of motorcyclists,” said the teacher who has won the district level Petronas Award in 2011 and the Chief Minister's excellent service award this year.

Amutha said the incident has also somewhat affected her work as she is still haunted by the images of the man assaulting her.

“I was picked by the Education Department to facilitate state-level programmes but now I can't focus on my job,” she said yesterday.

Yesterday, police officers contacted her and told her that the suspected assailant has been detained.

“I am glad, but I guess I will take a long time before I am back to my normal self,” she said.


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