Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Well-used tiled walkway in heart of PJ broken and filled with holes

PEDESTRIANS using the walkway along the ramp from the Federal Highway (Shah Alam - Kuala Lumpur) heading to Jalan Utara and Jalan Barat in Petaling Jaya are fed up with its condition.

The tiles along the walkway are broken and filled with holes. The condition poses a danger to those getting down from the buses and walking along the path, especially older folk and those in a hurry and not so careful.

Women in high heels are especially vulnerable as the heels get wedged in the holes.

S. Virginia, 42, said she had seen many people tripping, especially during rush hour when there were many people using the walkway.

“Besides being dangerous, it is also an ugly sight as this area is in the heart of Petaling Jaya,” she said.

The walkway is well used due to the Asia Jaya LRT station and the many buses plying the route from Shah Alam and Klang to Kuala Lumpur,” she said.

Abdul Hadi Saarif from Damansara said the walkway had been damaged for over six months now but nothing had been done.

Hadi, who uses the route daily, said he had seen and heard people complaining about the condition but no repairs were carried out.

“We do not know who and where to complain.

“However, this is a main road and I am sure the relevant authorities must have been alerted,” he said.

Sisters Nur Fadilah Suffian, 24, and Sheril Aida Suffian, 22, said the walkway was a danger zone, especially since it was next to the ramp.

Fadilah said if someone tripped and fell on the road, they could be run over by cars or motorcycles in a split second.

When contacted, Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) public relations officer Zainon Zakaria said the maintenance of the walkway was handled by the Public Works Department.

“When we checked with our engineering department, they confirmed that the maintenance is PWD’s responsibility.

“We however, will alert them about this matter,” Zainon said.


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