Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Four lawyers to represent two Malaysians in Beirut court

The two Malaysians who were detained in Lebanon for alleged links to an Al-Qaeda militant group will be represented by four lawyers at the Military Tribunal in Beirut tomorrow.

Malaysian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ilango Karuppannan, said the families of Razif Mohamad Ariffin, 28, and Mohamad Razin Shahar Mustapha Kamal, 21, had been informed of the matter.

"The families have agreed to pay for the legal fees. We have recommended the best legal representation for them," he said when contacted by Bernama in Beirut today.

Razif and Mohamad Razin Shahar, who were detained in a Beirut hotel by Lebanese authorities last week, were brought before the military tribunal yesterday.

However, the judge ordered them to engage counsel before they faced the respective charges.

Meanwhile, Ilango said Mohamad Ariffin Abdullah arrived in Beirut last Sunday, and had visited Razif at the military detention centre there.

He said the embassy had not been informed in detail about the charge to be brought against Razif and Mohamad Razin Shahar tomorrow.


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