Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Police-auxiliary police cooperation to boost safety

Police will be involved in continuous partnerships and collaborations with auxiliary police to enable more effective crime prevention initiatives under the GTP Roadmap 2.0 from next year to 2015.

“Auxiliary police and police need to strengthen their strategic cooperation and collaboration to prevent crime in public areas without affecting the basic roles of auxiliary police to maintain security at their appointed organisation,” Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said.

However, he said the jurisdiction of the auxiliary police is only limited to the authorised area.

According to him, auxiliary police have limitations when it comes to mainstream crime prevention activities under the Reducing Crime NKRA as there are legal technicalities.

Ismail shared that there are 123 agencies administering auxiliary police operations comprising 25 government agencies, 21 statutory bodies, 32 government-linked companies and 45 companies.

As at Oct 31, 16 more agencies have been given the green light to set up auxiliary police teams.
Source : TheStar


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