Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Letter From A Distraught Reader

An Anonymous government servant has sent us a letter regarding the attack in Putrajaya. He was very much distraught with the event and made a plea to the Malaysians Demand Security readers. 

I am a concerned civil servant working in one of the Ministries in Putrajaya. As most of the readers are well aware of, last fateful Monday afternoon a couple went on a rampage outside Complex B of the Prime Minister's Department.The baseless act caused the male accomplice his life while his girlfriend, a someone's wife was shot in her right thigh and warded at the Putrajaya Hospital.

The couple, known as Khalil Afandi and Muhdalina is a clear cut example of how careful Malaysians should be with the act of obsession with certain dogma and belief. Such act can be fueled by many reasons and as a Malaysian, i can certainly bet that this poor man was driven by his confused stance on politics. While some call him a mentally ill person, I however think that his action can be considered as an act of terrorism! And I pray that such incident will be the first and last to hit Putrajaya. He writes well and I have managed to sift through his now suspended blog where he expressed hatred to the current ruling government and wanting to kill the Sultans.

I truly hope that this incident can open the eyes of the citizens on this country to pay close attention to those who are too inclined with political parties that spread the message of hatred and vengeance to the ruling government. As a government servant I can safely say that I am non partisan and I shall vote whoever practises what he preaches, who fulfills all the promises and most importantly does not resort to cheap and dirty politics. Oppressed political parties or entities will do anything to take down its opponents and some may just resort to terrorism to ensure such. Hence I beg you readers to stop finger pointing and start using your discretion to distinguish who is fulfilling promises and who is merely using his influence to fuel agression and outrage.


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