Sunday, 8 July 2012

Security guards who are merely window dressing

RECENTLY, there have been numerous reports of kidnapping, theft, stolen cars etc in parking lots at major shopping complexes.

My brother’s car window was smashed and his backpack, containing sports shirts and shoes, were stolen.

When he reported it to the management, they said that “it happens all the time”.

What appalled us was that if they knew that this takes place all the time, what action have they undertaken to prevent it from happening?

They couldn’t care less, but we are talking about people’s property and lives.

I also notice that there are security personnel near the exit door or at the autopay machine.

I urge all security companies and shopping mall managements to make these personnel move around (on bikes or buggies) and roam the parking lot so that they can better monitor the area and question those who behave suspiciously before any untoward incident takes place.

The personnel should not be stationed at only one place.

Another thing that I notice is that when a car alarm goes off, nobody bothers. What are the security personnel doing?

They should come rushing to the scene and check on the problem – that’s their job, not wear a uniform and look lost themselves.

What if someone was stealing a car or trying to pry open a door? It could also be a woman’s “cry” for help. So, wake up security guys and stop sleeping on the job.- (TheStar)

Kuala Lumpur


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